How do We Work
How do We Work
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Our Approach

Each client is a different story, each eBit solution is unique. Therefore, the way we work also differs from one instance to the next. Nevertheless, some stages are common to any project.

We start out with the analysis of the situation.

Interviewing your management and key figures, in order to understand your company, your business model, the way you work, the situation from different standing points, and most of all your requirements, needs and urgent issues.

Then We gather information on your competitors, identifying benchmarks and best practice.

Once shared the analysis with you, we move on to the development of one or more intervention proposals.

The core of the proposal is a business plan, including organization model, marketing and implementation plans.

Implementation is the next step.

eBit presides over the implementation project management, defining in cooperation with you investments and their allocation, training the necessary resources, helping you to redefine your organization and to integrate all necessary profiles within the structure.

The launch is the moment of truth.

The success of a new offer heavily depends on the effectiveness of its launch plan. This is why we insist on being at your side throughout this crucial stage.

At the accomplishment stage, eBit verifies with you that the "machinery" has incorporated all necessary functions, participates in its trial run, stands by you in the assessment of economic results and provides adjustments.

Analysis > Proposal > Implementation > Launch