What We Do
What We Do
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Ebusiness - Innovative processes integrating off-line and online activities

eBit innovation designs and implements Marketing, Retail and communication project through internet and new digital media.

Our main goal is innovation and business development, integrating traditional marketing and retail together with the new communication opportunity offered by the new digital tools.

We accomplish different kind of projects:

MARKETING: Brand positioning and Brand identity, market research, brand identity, product range, price strategy, promotions, communication strategy, CRM, Co-marketing, CSR, structure and organization, budget allocation.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Web design, web site implementation, search engine indexing, SEO & SEM, CRM, web marketing campaign and social media, Buzz and Viral Marketing, Mobile/iPad application development.

SALES: Structure and Organization, Management of sales channels, Sales analysis, Geographic coverage, Sales pitch, Sales methodologies, Planning and control of sales network, Motivational incentives, Sales tools, New Business.

RETAIL: Store concept development and store design, store equipment development and digital signage, store promotions planning and development.

The final output of our work is to identify a strategy and its creative translation. We manage every stage of the project development until the launch of the product.

Online and offline integration, creative thinking and the search for the creative excellence are the key points which drive our work.