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Retail - Not just building stores, but projecting experiences

In a world of change and ever-evolving needs, the role of outlets is becoming more and more significant. They are not merely a place for exchange, but an opportunity for interaction, involvement, shopping experiences.

Even outlet operators are rapidly changing, evolving from specialized salespeople to consultants with the ability to interpret the needs of customers, steer their choices, but first and foremost make "unique" each purchase experience.

Front line quality determines many of the decisive factors for the success of a retail business, such as word-of-mouth and store loyalty.

In the context of this dynamic, the digital world plays an increasingly important role, and not just in terms of new in-store tools, such as mobile marketing and digital signage. Just think of e-commerce and the relationship with the world of physical outlets, of new the new perspectives they open up and of opportunities emerging.

eBit comprises all of this, a source of major experiences in the field.