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Sales - From salespeople to consultants, from turnover to profit

Needs evolve, outlets change, and thus the world of sales changes as well.

The buyers of today are better informed, more demanding in terms of the offer and service they require. Thus sales departments need to be more prepared, ready to respond with adequate information, tools and services.

Supply contracts have evolved into cooperation agreements, tailor-made to suit the specific features of all parties involved. It's not merely a question of exchanging goods for money, but reaching B2B agreements constantly seeking out strong points to share.

This requires a revision in the roles and processes in sales. The classic one-way approach - marketing → sales → customer - just won't do the trick.

Sales today play a major role in understanding and foreseeing market trends and customer strategies, in order to interact with marketing and effectively adjust offers.

The goal of sales forces is not limited to the development of turnover, but also of its corresponding margin.

Our awareness of all of the above is grounded in a profound knowledge of the Italian market and on our hands-on professional experience, which began in sales, and "imprinted" us with a special focus on this area.